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Family Law

Are you getting married or living in a common-law relationship?

A domestic contract (sometimes also referred to as a cohabitation agreement) is a useful document which helps to define you and your spouse’s respective rights in the event of a breakdown of the relationship.


Are you separating from your spouse?

A separation agreement is an effective tool to set out the terms of your separation, to help prevent unpleasant surprises and expensive Court battles down the road.  Separation agreements can also form the basis of subsequent divorce proceedings which in many cases makes possible a simplified divorce proceeding without the necessity of a contested Court hearing.


Our domestic contracts and separation agreements start at $600.00 plus HST and disbursements, with costs being dependent on the complexity of the agreement and actual time expended.  Other family law services offered include:

  • Uncontested divorces

  • Consent Orders

  • Independent Legal Advice

  • Transfer of Property in Matrimonial Proceedings

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